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Deep Learning Research Engineer

We are looking for open-minded middle/senior engineers to join us. We really enjoy the stuff we do. We are a team of 15 people. The technical core is based in Kyiv.


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Please peruse our job descriptions below, and if you think you could fit into our team do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Do real research with deep generative models of audio in a small, scientifically-minded team
  • Freedom to try out ideas of your own
  • There might be publication opportunities
  • Office in the center
  • Implement and maintain deep learning models in PyTorch
  • Train models, keep track of performance, and tune hyperparameters
  • Proactively read relevant literature and generate ideas for model enhancements
  • Help with deployment and ops as needed
We expect you to
  • Have advanced knowledge in relevant areas of mathematics and statistics
  • Have a working knowledge of various techniques, tricks, and best practices for designing deep nets, hyperparameter optimization, visualization, interpretation, etc.
  • Have a bunch of failure stories about the deep learning projects you’ve been involved in (and some success stories)
  • Have a good understanding of deep generative models. You may work on autoregressive models, GANs, VAEs, or flow-based models.
Would be a plus
  • Knowledge of Digital Signal Processing theory
  • Knowledge of speech processing
  • Knowledge of CUDA / interest in developing custom CUDA kernels
  • Experience deploying machine learning models
  • DevOps experience (Kubernetes, etc.)
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Voice Model Operator

We are looking for someone to help us prepare customer datasets, train machine learning models, and post-process the results. Our main office is in Kyiv, Ukraine, but we are open to remote work.


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Please peruse our job description below, and if you think you could fit into our team do not hesitate to get in touch!

  • Be part of a small team working on an exciting project in a dynamic startup
  • Shape bleeding-edge machine learning research into a killer product
  • Work on major entertainment projects such as Hollywood movies and AAA video games
  • Develop, maintain, and run scripts to prepare datasets and train machine learning models (bash and python)
  • Carefully listen to raw data and the outputs of our models, identify audio problems, and choose the best results
  • Post-process synthesized audio
  • Experiment with audio processing pipelines, dataset design, and model configuration
We expect you to
  • Have basic knowledge of Linux and comfort with the command-line
  • Work well both in a team and independently
  • Be comfortable sometimes spending hours listening to recordings
  • Have good English, especially listening skills
  • Have a good ear for subtle differences in audio quality
Would be a plus
  • Knowledge of python
  • Knowledge of shell scripting
  • Knowledge of audio software like Audacity, ProTools
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