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We're committed to ensuring that our groundbreaking technology is only used for ethical projects — and doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Ethics and Public Policies

Respeecher’s team is committed to pioneering the ethical development and use of AI voice cloning technology. We take it upon ourselves to ensure any advancement in the field of AI serves the greater good by actively promoting trust, transparency, and responsibility across every one of our applications. This page is our manifesto of ethical engagement, a declaration of our commitment to uphold the highest standards of AI ethics and regulations, specifically in the realm of voice cloning.

About us

Respeecher started with a simple idea. Could we clone human speech and swap voices?


Respeecher's Manifesto

At Respeecher, we believe that the transformative power of AI can enrich lives, enhance creative expression, and open new avenues of communication. However, we recognize the profound responsibilities that accompany the capabilities of this technology. At every step of the way, our voice cloning technology is developed and used in a manner that is ethical, respectful, and beneficial for society. We lead by example and transform the market with our best practices to build trust in novel technology.


Ethics Team

Ethics at Respeecher is not an afterthought; it's a core aspect of our operation. Anna Bulakh, our Head of Ethics and Partnerships, and her team are committed to guiding the company through the complex landscape of AI ethics. Anna uses her decade-long experience in AI ethics,  security, and defense policies, working with government, public, and business sectors to collaborate with every department in our organization. Whether you’re looking into the technologies we create or the practices we use to produce them, Anna ensures Respeecher remains in alignment with our ethical principles at all times.

We are open to expanding this team as our needs and the industry evolve to ensure that we remain at the forefront of ethical AI practices.


Five Principles of Ethics Policies


We pledge to be transparent about our ethical principles, the foundations of our technology, and the nuances of the data our systems are trained on. Our partners are fully informed about our operations, and we rigorously protect copyright and uphold the privacy of the data. Our Voice Marketplace Terms of Use detail our moderation policies, ensuring clarity and openness in all our engagements.


Trust serves as the foundation of our relationships. We seek explicit consent from voice owners for every project, fostering trusted partnerships grounded in mutual respect and comprehension. We evaluate the impact of each project, dedicating ourselves only to initiatives that conform to our ethical guidelines and showcase the constructive capabilities of voice cloning technology. Although we operate as a for-profit entity, our commitment to integrity means that concerns about trust or the project's ultimate objectives always take precedence over profit motives.


Our commitment to accountability is unwavering. We adhere to ethical standards that encompass permission, likeness protection, copyright, and content moderation in our Voice Marketplace, as well as for any custom project. These standards and their significance cannot be understated. That’s why we integrate them into every aspect of our operations, including the technology we build.


We seek to cultivate a culture around the ethical use of generative AI. Proactively pursuing partnerships with industry leaders, policymakers, and regulatory bodies helps us do just that. We jump at any new opportunity for public collaboration and dialogue within an industry or governmental initiative that is aimed at enhancing the ethical deployment of technology and its positive influence on society. Our involvement with these groups is motivated by a mutual dedication to responsible innovation and the development of universal ethical guidelines for the industry.


We take it upon ourselves to improve public awareness and shape the future of this technology as leaders in the ethical use of voice cloning. We partner with voice actors, present at conferences, and contribute to the development of ethical frameworks that guide the industry.

How We Operate

  • Consent for Voice Replication
    Explicit permission is required for all voice replications, secured through a mutually signed agreement to ensure full understanding and consent.
  • Use of Personal Data
    Client data is used exclusively for training AI voice models, adhering strictly to data privacy principles.
  • Responsibility of Users
    We emphasize that users of our technology bear responsibility for its application, ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Learn more about our ethical guidelines and practices in our Voice Marketplace Terms of Use.

Key Initiatives

Respeecher is a proud participant in several key initiatives aimed at promoting ethical standards in synthetic media:

  • Respeecher is working with Partnership on AI to foster ethical synthetic media practices and is integrating these guidelines into its Voice Marketplace. Learn more →
  • Through its partnership with the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative, Respeecher verifies digital content's origin for the media industries, enhancing authenticity with metadata and audio watermarks. Learn more → 
  • Partnering with DEG, Respeecher leads a committee to draft a Code of Conduct for AI-generated content and voice cloning, focusing on industry collaboration and efficiency. Learn more → 
  • Respeecher collaborates with the Open Voice Network to develop voice technology standards, contributing to discussions on privacy and security regulations. Learn more →
  • Respeecher is part of the Deepfake Rapid Response Task Force, Witness. An expert group that helps journalists and fact-checkers debunk AI-manipulated digital content. Learn more →

We welcome dialogue, questions, and partnerships from all who share our commitment to ethical AI. For inquiries or to engage with us on these vital issues, please reach out through the contact form below. We’re all in this together, and that means working to ensure the future of voice cloning is aligned with the best interests of humanity. It must be safe and respectful and, above all, solve problems.

Respeecher Ethics Initiatives

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