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Music Production

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converting a singing voice
localising a signing voice
adding backing vocals
reviving the voices of artists who passed away


with your voice

Have you ever tried singing in a different voice? With singing voice conversion technology, you can discover new shades of your talent. Use our AI singing voice generator to explore different vocal styles and ranges.

Be your own
back vocalist

Can’t find the backing vocals for your next track? Try recording yourself and converting the voice with our latest technology. Our AI audio generator and voice tuner make it easy to produce harmonious and professional-sounding backing vocals.

Resurrect voices from
the past

Bring back the voice of a singer who has passed away to preserve and continue their legacy. Our AI voice cloning technology allow you to recreate legendary performances with authentic sound.

Sing in different

Our language-agnostic technology empowers you to record in any language. Need it in Chinese, Spanish, or Italian? No problem! Our  technology adapts your singing voice to any linguistic nuance, perfect for localizing a singing voice to reach a global audience.

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Respeecher is trusted by industry leaders worldwide
  • Lucasfilm
  • Blumhouse productions
  • AloeBlacc
  • Calm
  • Deezer
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Edward Jones
  • Ylen
  • Iliad
  • Warner music France
  • Religion of sports
  • Digital domain
  • CMG Worldwide
  • Doyle Dane Bernbach
  • droga5
  • Sim Graphics
  • Veritone


Respeecher makes headlines around the world



Aloe Blacc

We helped Aloe Blacc create a touching tribute to Avicii - he sang “Wake Me Up” in 5 different languages.

Riky Rick

With our help, Riky Rick Foundation created a track to encapsulate the late South African artist’s unshakeable spirit


We know our stuff

Respeecher has a team of 15+ experienced sound professionals who can work miracles and work with complex projects

We work with any data

Old records? Poorly recorded files? Not a problem - we will apply all our wizardry to make it great

We go beyond voice conversion

Need tips on recording or recommendations on how to use the converted material? We are here for you!

We stick to deadlines

We have established processes that help us make sure that you get the audio you need in time

We follow a strict ethical code

We help you stay on the legal and ethical side or voice cloning. With us, all the voices are used with permission

We offer


Human expertise empowered by technology

  • we train AI models
  • we use the latest developments in AI tech

Sound team at your service

  • no sound team? we can cover for you
  • 15+ professionals who can work with audio of different quality

Cutting-edge technology

  • our proprietary technology lets us get the most out of the audio
  • text-to-speech and speech-to-speech conversions available

Flexibility and security

  • we can address finer points of your project as long as data allows it
  • trusted by major studios, we take sensitive data security seriously

Direct contact at every step of the way

  • streamlined collaboration porcess
  • no need to be a middleman - we contact directly with your team

Pitch-perfect quality

  • our audio conversions sound just like the original
  • we can convey the emotions and speech nuances of your source voice. Hum, laugh, or giggle - your converted voice will, too.


AI is revolutionising music through AI singing voice generator, AI song generator, and AI generated music technologies, enhancing composition, performance, and production processes.

While some view AI singer generator and AI audio generator technologies as disruptive, they also offer opportunities for innovation and accessibility in music creation, rather than being a direct threat.

Respeecher develops AI technology as an auxiliary tool, not as a replacement for creative professionals.

AI, including AI singing and AI sound generator technologies, is unlikely to replace musicians but rather serves as a tool to augment creativity and production, offering new ways for artists to express themselves.

Respeecher supports representatives of all creative professions and only develops tools to help them scale their talent.

Yes, there are AI singer tools like the AI singing voice generator that can perform songs with customisable vocals and styles, providing a versatile platform for music experimentation.

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