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Resurrecting the Voice of Riky Rick


After the tragic departure of Rikhado “Riky Rick” Makhado in February 2022, the Riky Rick Foundation introduced its vision for the Promotion of Artivism. The idea was to create a song named "Stronger" that would encapsulate Riky Rick's unshakeable spirit, in his own words from his Twitter musings.

Collaborating closely with TBWA South Africa, the production company orchestrating the project, Respeecher ventured onto this sacred ground, committed to revitalizing a voice that had left the world too soon.


The Challenge

The task was deeply meaningful: to restore Riky Rick's distinctive voice, laden with heartfelt emotion and layered depth. More than merely employing voice synthesis technology, the true challenge lay in crafting a voice that equaled his ability to deeply resonate with listeners, effortlessly summoning recollections of the legendary artist.


The Solution

  1. Echoes from Digital Shadows
    With TBWA South Africa and Ricky’s family at the helm, the rapper's tweets — his digital footprints — were carefully selected. These words, profound reflections of a life lived with passion, were then artfully molded into poignant lyrics.
  2. Artistic Creation
    TBWA South Africa's expert team was instrumental in crafting these tweets into a lyrical masterpiece, ensuring the essence of Riky's message permeated every line.
  3. Voice Cloning
    Embarking on this ambitious venture, TBWA hinged their hopes on Respeecher’s voice cloning tech. It wasn't just about replicating a voice; it was about diving deep into Riky's unique cadence and tone. Respeecher's algorithms, a treasure trove of ML code, ran through data, juxtaposing each AI-generated note with Riky Rick's archival voice snippets. Like a sculptor chiseling away, the AI refined, refined, and refined some more. The result was not just replication, but an echo so genuine, it'd be indistinguishable from the rapper's very essence.

The Results

The final product was nothing short of amazing. The song "Stronger" wasn’t merely music to one’s ears but a heartfelt echo of Riky Rick's enduring spirit. Thanks to flawless voice synthesis, the track not only immortalizes the rapper's timeless legacy but also amplifies his message of empathy and care. For those yearning to experience this masterpiece, feel free to view the music video below. This project stands as a beacon, showcasing the boundless possibilities when art, emotion, and cutting-edge technology converge.


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