Voice Cloning Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Replicate voices for any media project — from a Hollywood movie to an engaging video game. Our machine learning technology masters every aspect of your target voice to create a spot-on match.


Tool for converting voice to the needed model

Dataset Recorder

Tool for recording your own dataset

How this works

Our system leverages recent revolutionary advances in artificial intelligence. We combine classical digital signal processing algorithms with proprietary deep generative modeling techniques to learn your target voice inside and out.

Pitch Perfect Quality

Our voice swaps are virtually indistinguishable from the original — and never sound robotic. They convey all the nuances and emotion of human speech and have the highest production value.

Creative Control

Make changes to the script of performance anytime during the creative process without re-recording the target voice. Edit a plot line on the fly. Bring back the voice of a beloved actor who has passed away. Whatever the reason, Respeecher can ensure that your creative vision is achieved.

This is NOT Text-to-Speech

Our clients tell us that even the best text-to-speech solutions have a robotic, non-emotional delivery. They also struggle with unusual words, foreign languages, or nuances like humming and giggling. Our speech-to-speech technology delivers far superior results.

Safe and Secure

Working with leading Hollywood movie studios, game developers, and major multinational corporations, we know the importance of keeping sensitive data secure — and take that responsibility seriously.


Get Up-And-Running in 5 Easy Steps

Get permission from voice talent

We always require that our clients get permission from the target voice before starting a project.

Collect target voice data

Give us a high-quality recording of the target voice. This can be pre-recorded or a new recording.

Collect source voice data

Two options. Either give us any high quality recordings of the source voice ("non-parallel system"), or have the source voice actor record the same lines that are in the target recordings ("parallel system"). The second option is more work for the source voice actor but helps to create a more accurate likeness.

Respeecher works its magic

We train our sophisticated artificial intelligence to create pitch-perfect voice-to-voice swapping models.

Voice cloning

Just speak into the microphone and we’ll do the rest. Send us audio files to convert or use our handy web app. You’ll get perfectly cloned voices in return.


Ready to Replicate Voices?

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