Bev Standing, more than a seasoned voice actress, has breathed life into numerous characters. Each is remarkable in its own way. Driven by an unwavering love for her craft, she’s perpetually on the hunt for the next tech innovation. Why? To catapult her work into the realms of unmatched auditory delight for her listeners while achieving greater business outcomes. 


The Challenge

The dynamic world of entertainment is continuously evolving and so too are its demands. As such, Bev was facing three unique challenges:

  1. Preserving Legacy – The impact of allowing her daughter to carry her voice forward in creative endeavors.
  2. Post-Production Fixes – Managing character voice continuity in animation where re-recording isn't feasible.
  3. Language Barrier – The desire to reach wider audiences by voicing characters in languages unfamiliar to her, including French.

Despite Bev's remarkable talent, she needed more than audio tweaking or speech software to address her challenges. Voice cloning means a fresh panorama. It's not just about the voice anymore; it's the depth, the nuance, and the individuality of the actor, all this opens doors to creative teamwork.

Think of unique character voices that are often elusive to one's natural tone. Voice cloning delivers just that. Want a teen voice for a once-adult character? No problem. And without any vocal strain. Flashbacks just got real, giving way to richer gaming and film narratives.

And there's more. An actor's voice can now resonate in a myriad of languages, broadening horizons and making monetization far more straightforward. They can connect globally, minus the linguistic hurdles.


The Solution & Results

Respeecher emerged as a game-changer for Bev. The voice cloning company's ability to transform a 'source voice' to mirror a 'target voice' had Bev intrigued and hopeful.

"I was amazed at the natural and human-like result — it wasn't a robotic voice at all!" recalls Bev. The nuances, emotions, and intonations remained intact, replicating her genuine human voice.

  1. Personal Voice

We offered Bev an innovative way to preserve her legacy. Through the use of voice cloning technology, her daughter could utilize her voice as a model for creative projects for years into the future. Bev mentions, "The technology will give my daughter the opportunity to use my voice into the future and continue making creative projects."  This approach helped her daughter continue to work with Bev's existing clients for ongoing projects, such as training and eLearning that simply require updating as well as new projects.

"Working with Respeecher has provided me to control of where my voice is used, the opportunity to provide consent to my voice being used and receiving compensation."
 - Bev Standing


2. Character Voice

In her own words, Bev expressed how Respeecher simplified character voicing. During post-production, she realized some lines required a few tweaks, but traditional re-recording was off the table. Bev recounts, "I discovered Respeecher, and it was a game-changer." The tool granted her unparalleled flexibility to create or alter content to achieve optimal results.

With Respeecher’s technology, young voice actors can license their voices, create an AI model, and be able to utilize their voices when they grow up and their voices change. Although this tech wasn’t around in Bev’s childhood, it can absolutely be used by child voice actors to preserve and monetize their voices well into the future.

French Cross-Language Voice Acting

As a voice actor, Bev is always looking for ways to expand her reach and attract new audiences. With Respeecher, the dream of voicing characters in multiple languages became a reality. She can now effortlessly "speak" and even "sing" in tongues that are completely alien to her. "The output sounds just like me!" exclaimed a delighted Bev. Respeecher’s language conversion meant Bev could globalize her content, allowing her to engage with new audiences in markets that were previously out of reach.

Beyond these emerging solutions, Bev emphasizes the broader advantages of voice cloning technology. She believes it redefines work allocation efficiency to deliver richer and more collaborative opportunities. Voice actors can now experiment with character voices previously deemed difficult, and even rejuvenate voices for flashbacks.

Kid input Kid output Kid's target voice reference

French input French output Regular target voice reference

Regular voice input 1 (male) Regular voice output 1 Regular target voice reference

Regular voice input 2 (female) Regular voice output 2 (female) Regular target voice reference



Respeecher's innovative approach marries traditional voice acting with futuristic technology. As Bev rightly puts it, "It's no longer a question of choosing between a voice actor or voice cloning technology — they can work together to achieve the best possible results. "

With the rapid advancements in voice cloning, the potential to create or restore a voice and have it speak in another language knows no limits. Voice actors like Bev Standing can continue pushing boundaries by delivering content that's diverse, authentic, and truly resonates with audiences, new and old.


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