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How to Create an Advertising Campaign with Highly Personalized Messaging

Mar 23, 2022 11:29:09 AM

As technology continues to deliver greater convenience, consumer expectations adapt to match the newest level of consumer experience.

The reason for these sudden shifts in consumer demand and expectation can be traced back to the amount of consumption and the number of options for where and how to consume.

Many companies are offering the same (or nearly the same) product at the same (or similar) price. With this in mind, is it even possible to surprise customers anymore? 

One of the biggest marketing trends we've seen in recent years is the shift towards delivering personalized customer experiences. 90% of consumers in the US find the idea of personalization appealing. 

How does Personalization Work

Personalization takes advantage of user data. It offers products and other content based on a visitor’s previous purchases, demographics, or any other personal data.

There are several ways to personalize content, and some are more obvious than others. The right technologies and proper methods for collecting and analyzing data are the keys to better and more relevant personalization.

Today, more and more brands are starting to personalize their content, and sometimes buyers don't even understand why certain things are shown to them. This greatly improves the user experience, which means people start shopping more spontaneously.

Netflix is known for its data-driven approach to creating watchlists. They know exactly when you hit play or pause, when you add a movie to Watch Later, or when you only watch half of a movie. Netflix constantly improves and develops its algorithms to provide the most pleasant consumer experience (CX).

Did you know that Netflix even personalizes its home page? If you think that the movie posters you see are the same for everyone, you are wrong. They too are adapted based on your preferences. This type of CX guarantees that you will have immediate access to movies with your favorite celebrities and genres.

How to Create a Highly Personalized Ad 

Creating personalized messaging is a critical undertaking for any business that wants to stay competitive and gain new customers. Thanks to new technologies, companies can make a product that will gain customer attention, create a more personalized CX, and encourage them to want to stay with your company. 

COVID-19 greatly affected the development of audio ads. According to recent statistics, 18% of adults have been listening to more podcasts since the start of the pandemic. Marketers predict that the total commercial spending on podcasts will reach around $2 billion by 2023.

However, audio advertising is not limited to podcasts. Voice cloning services such as Respeecher allow for creating highly-personalized commercial or digital ads. The technology allows users to reproduce any voice they want and target specific audiences or set the perfect tone for an advertisement.

In 2020, Respeecher and Rephrase.ai collaborated with Mondelēz International, Ogilvy, and Wavemaker to create a highly-personalized ad campaign for the Indian market. Before reading further, it is important to mention that Respeecher only approves projects that meet our strict regulations and follow our ethics code that you can find out more about it on the Respeecher FAQ page.

The advertisements featured an Indian star of the highest caliber, Shahrukh Khan. The ads and the avatar's speech differed depending on the four categories it represented: fashion, footwear, electronics, or grocery stores. 

As a result, we created a unique video with Khan representing local sellers. This seemed impossible because of the number of stores locations and the scale of SRK's celebrity. 

But in 2021, ad creators enabled local sellers to register themselves for participation in ads. Using this method, they could enter their credentials and receive personalized ads from Shahrukh Khan.

How was this made possible?

AI systems, using machine learning, created a target model of the actor's appearance and voice to generate an unlimited amount of customized content. The final product appeared as if the actor had personally taken part in every single ad that aired. 

Read more about the campaign in our case study.

Voice Cloning Technology for Personalized Advertising

Voice cloning helps businesses create personalized ads by providing the following features:

  1. Targeting specific audiences. As with the ads featuring Shahrukh Khan, you can localize messages for specific parts of the world or country. 

  2. Scaling celebrity voices. Celebrities are in high demand. Voice cloning is the easiest way to use a professional actor's voice without involving them directly. 

  3. Creating brand-unique voices. AI voice generators not only allow for cloning the voice of existing actors but also for creating a unique voice for long-term audio branding.

  4. Resurrecting voices from the past. Perhaps you need to target your audience using the voice of an actor who has passed away or wasn’t able to finish your project. Voice cloning helps to recreate these voices.

A professional synthetic voice can become the centerpiece for your brand by playing a significant role in your company's worldwide recognition. 

The AI voice generator makes it possible to localize your audio ads by adapting them to the languages of the regions you are advertising in. An actor can speak English in advertisements for the US and UK, and Italian, French, and German for those respective audiences.

The actor's voice will speak your language of choice fluently, just as it did in the original recording, and can even voice region-specific accents. If your original recording is not of the highest quality, we can also help you improve that through our audio super resolution algorithm. Curious to find out more about how audio super resolution works? Download this whitepaper about Respeecher's audio super-resolution algorithm.

If you are working in advertising, Respeecher is here to provide you with high-quality voice-cloning services to create personalized advertising campaigns. 

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