Respeecher Has Partnered with Veritone, a Leader in Enterprise AI, to Deliver Speech-To-Speech Voice Generation to Thousands of Customers

Nov 11, 2021 9:52:01 AM

Respeecher, the first speech-to-speech voice cloning service that made it to Hollywood movies, and Veritone,Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive Enterprise AI platform, have announced a partnership to include Respeecher's revolutionary technology within the product offering. is working with Respeecher along with other leading voice cloning AI engine providers to enable organizations and individuals to create, manage, share and monetize professional-quality synthetic voices.

With its speech-to-speech AI-powered voice cloning technology, Respeecher covers the vast majority of in-demand industry use cases, including:

  • Cloning voices for films or TV shows
  • Creating endless amounts of speech for video games
  • Cloning voices for commercial, digital ads, or licensing a new voice for brand marketing
  • Creating a variety of unique voices for animated characters
  • Simplifying and scaling content dubbing processes
  • De-aging actor's voices and even recreating voices from the past
  • Allowing voice actors to scale themselves to many voices
  • Allowing high-demand talents scale themselves to be in many places at the same time

Respeecher’s well-established partner portfolio includes major studios and other content creators.

For Veritone, the most important thing is ensuring our clients get access to technology without compromising on the ability to protect, the delivery speed and quality, and in this case, of the generated content. Respeecher's technology meets both requirements and has a proven track record of working with tier one projects.


Ryan Steelberg, president and co-founder of Veritone

Supporting both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech, Veritone’s voice cloning solution allows you to easily create custom, authentic-sounding voices.

Customers work with Veritone’s creative experts to build broadcast-ready commercials, narration, and audio clips.

Additionally, customers can build new content from an array of stock voices across genders, languages, and tones - or create a custom voice.

"For us at Respeecher, partnering with large market players such as Veritone is another recognition of the outstanding quality benchmarks we hit with our technology. We are pleased that the synthetic media market is democratizing. More and more customers will be able to appreciate our technology and hopefully change the media landscape for the better," said Alex Serdiuk, chief executive officer at Respeecher.

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