Respeecher and Highwire have partnered to teach children aged 9-14 about critical thinking in the digital age, encouraging them to question the authenticity of online content.



The campaign was based on Respeecher's advanced voice cloning technology, which recreated the voices of popular Danish YouTubers and TikTok influencers. The main goal was to educate children about the prevalence of misinformation online and present videos in which these influencers supposedly shared incorrect facts about themselves. Such content can directly engage kids and highlight how easily digital content can be manipulated, making youngsters more aware of a deceptive media landscape in the future.



  1. Educate children on discerning digital content by exposing them to intentionally fabricated videos featuring familiar faces. The campaign aimed to highlight the necessity of questioning the validity of online information.
  2. Encouraging an analytical approach to consuming digital content, especially on platforms heavily frequented by children and teenagers, like YouTube.
  3. Enhancing children's understanding of digital manipulation techniques and their implications.

For this campaign, Respeecher recreated the voices of four prominent Danish influencers, producing a series of deep fake shorts, which were disseminated on YouTube and garnered significant attention:

These influencers consented to having their voices cloned and ex used in videos that deliberately presented false information about themselves. 

The campaign sparked considerable interaction, with dozens of thousands of views. Nearly half of the viewers, primarily children, recognized and declared the videos fake in the comments section – a crucial success metric, indicating the campaign's effectiveness in prompting viewers to question the content's authenticity.


To maintain ethical standards and ensure transparency, every video concluded with a disclaimer stating that the content and facts presented were fabricated using AI. This was an important measure in reinforcing the campaign's educational purpose and preventing any potential confusion among the young audience.


Outcomes and Impact

The campaign's innovative use of AI voice cloning technology in an educational context was met with positive feedback. It raised awareness among children about the prevalence of online misinformation and the importance of critical thinking in digital literacy.

Danish Broadcast Corporation further amplified the campaign's message by producing a video piece about it, extending its reach and impact:


By creatively engaging with children and encouraging them to question the reliability of online content, this campaign has laid a foundation for future initiatives to enhance digital literacy and critical thinking skills among younger generations. 

This campaign proves Respeecher's unraveling commitment to the strictest ethical standards and education practices about possible implications AI may have when used in deceptive practices. While the advent of new technological advancements can not be stopped, we can put the proper measures in place to teach people how to use AI most beneficially and safely. 


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