Respeecher for Film and TV

Clone voices for films or TV shows. Our technology lets you replicate anybody’s voice to create a perfect match — from dubbing an actor's voice in post production to bringing back the voice of an actor who passed away.

With Respeecher, a film or TV creator can:

Save time

No need to waste time bringing a high-demand actor back to the recording studio over and over again.

Be flexible

It’s hard to schedule top actors for voiceover or dubbing work. Our system allows you to scale any voice and gives you the flexibility to record new lines anytime.

Resurrect voices from the past

Bring back the voice of an actor who has passed away. Maybe you want to add a historical voice to a project. Use Respeecher to give old voices new life.

Record any voice in any language

Ready to capture an overseas audience? Our language agnostic technology empowers you to record in any language. Need it in Chinese, Spanish or Italian? No problem.

Add dialogue anytime

Decided to add a few lines after filming? Just turn on your microphone and start speaking — without calling an actor back into the studio.

Replicate children’s voices

Kids say the darndest things — but they’re challenging to work with. With Respeecher, an adult actor sounds just like a kid.

Get started quickly

We’ll have you up-and-running in a flash. Give us a high-quality recording of the voice you’d like to replicate to get started.

Protect your ideas

We all need a backup plan so think of Respeecher as idea insurance. If you don’t like an actor’s performance or something goes wrong during shooting, use our technology to keep your project on track.



Halsey Burgund

Co-Director In Event of Moon Disaster


Scott Sanders

Writer and director Black Dynamite

We worked with Respeecher on a film called ‘In Event of Moon Disaster’ first shown at the Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival 2019. They helped us create a synthetic voice of Richard Nixon to bring to life a never-read contingency speech in case the Apollo 11 mission went badly. We created a highly realistic film, in a large part due to their work. ‘In Event of Moon Disaster’ shows the creative possibility of voice replacement technology as well as highlighting just how realistic deepfake technologies can be, acting as a civic engagement project for the public along with contextual and educational resources.
Working with Respeecher has been an amazing experience. Their voice cloning technology was easy to work with and I am very happy with the results. I am looking forward to working with them in the future and I believe that the ability to clone and license a voice is a game-changing revolution, certainly in Hollywood, and beyond. Having experienced this first hand, I now think about the kinds of projects that would allow me to use this technology. I am excited about how this evolves and am definitely keeping a close eye on Respeecher as they progress.
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