by Alex Serdiuk – May 12, 2022 11:20:40 AM • 8 min

Abby Savage Says “We Are All Ukrainians Now” in Ukrainian Language

Abby Savage, the actress of the Netflix series “ Orange Is the New Black” joined the campaign Speak Ukrainian. Respeecher calls celebrities to send messages to Ukrainians to support them during these extremely challenging times - and do it in Ukrainian, with the help of our state-of-the-art AI voice generation technology. 

Listen to the full speech here:


As Abby said in her message: “This war is real. And Ukrainians are fighting not only for their land, culture and freedom, but for their lives.”

Through this campaign, Respeecher, a leading provider of voice cloning software, wants Ukrainians to receive and feel global support in their fight for their freedom and democracy. Russia has attacked and is trying to kill not only Ukrainians, but also their culture and language spreading hatred worldwide.

We want to remind everyone that every voice and every act of support matters, giving celebrities worldwide a chance to use their voice in the language of the Ukrainian people - reaching their hearts directly with words of support, made possible by voice cloning software.

Abby Savage: “We are with you. You are in the prayers of many millions of people all around the globe. You are in our thoughts. Please keep standing strong. We look at you, and you inspire millions. We are all Ukrainians now.  Share your Ukrainian voice.”

We are grateful for the support our friend Abby Savage has offered us.

Alex Serdiuk
Alex Serdiuk
CEO and Co-founder
Alex founded Respeecher with Dmytro Bielievtsov and Grant Reaber in 2018. Since then the team has been focused on high-fidelity voice cloning. Alex is in charge of Business Development and Strategy. Respeecher technology is already applied in Feature films and TV projects, Video Games, Animation studios, Localization, media agencies, Healthcare, and other areas.
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