by Margarita Grubina – May 11, 2022 11:14:00 AM • 8 min

Maye Musk Spoke Ukrainian with the Help of AI Voice Generation Technology

“You are brave and you will win”, said Maye Musk in Ukrainian in her own voice. Maye Musk joined our Speak Ukrainian campaign to support Ukrainians during the war - by speaking in their own language with the help of our state-of-the-art AI voice generation technology. 

For over two months Ukrainians have been fighting for democracy and for their freedom in the unjust and unprovoked Russian invasion. The Ukrainian language has become one of the targets of Russian aggression.

Respeecher wants to offer celebrities worldwide the opportunity to approach Ukrainians during their hardest and most challenging times in the language of their heart and soul, using AI generated voice.

Maye Musk became one of the first supporters of the campaign saying: “We are very impressed by how brave everyone is. And we will continue to support you however we can. You are trying to save your liberty. You are brave and you will win.”

At Respeecher,  as one of the leading innovators in the field of AI generated voice, we believe that new technologies have the potential to significantly lower the barrier of communication and bring a new level of presence in digital media. Voice cloning is one of them.

Margarita Grubina
Margarita Grubina
Business Development Executive
Margarita drives Respeecher's growth through strategic market analysis and nurturing client relations. Her role is pivotal in discovering and tapping into new market opportunities, as well as maintaining strong connections with clients. She combines her industry expertise with a forward-thinking approach, ensuring Respeecher's offerings resonate with evolving market needs in the dynamic field of voice AI technology.
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