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Empowering Voices: Respeecher Intern Michael Yang's Vision for Healthcare Transformation

Nov 22, 2023 11:08:14 AM

Michael Yang is a high school senior at Phillips Exeter Academy, situated in Exeter, NH, United States of America. He works as an intern at Respeecher. His decision to join Respeecher was driven by a strong interest in generative AI technology and a personal commitment to support Ukraine by leveraging his expertise and efforts. Presently, Michael collaborates closely with supervisors Anna Bulakh, the head of ethics and partnerships, and Grant Reaber, head of research and Co-founder.

The Spark of Inspiration

While at Respeecher, Michael was introduced to groundbreaking voice cloning technology that has made a global impact. He became fascinated when he discovered that this innovative technology enabled the legendary Vince Lombardi to convey an impactful message of unity at Super Bowl LV, flawlessly generated by Respeecher’s AI technology. This remarkable achievement inspired Michael to envision an expansion of voice cloning technology into the healthcare industry: voice generation for patients with laryngeal cancer and various voice disorders.

Forming Alliances: MEEI Partnership

Michael reached out and initiated dialogues with many medical professionals, including Dr. Ramon Franco, the Medical Director of Voice and Speech Laboratory at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (MEEI) and a distinguished Professor at Harvard Medical School. Their collaborative efforts culminated in establishing a non-profit partnership between MEEI and Respeecher. This partnership is poised to offer Respeecher’s state-of-the-art voice technology to tens of thousands of laryngeal patients, providing them with hope through personalized voice solutions. 

Secondly, the partnership aims to raise funds to make Respeecher’s AI voice technology accessible and affordable to patients worldwide, including those impacted by the war. One funding source Michael is exploring is potential donors from Boston’s laryngectomy club, which comprises members who have undergone laryngeal cancer surgery and come together as a community. Concurrently, he has also been reaching out to local newspapers in search of running articles spotlighting Respeecher’s pioneering technology and its transformative potential in healthcare.

Michael also plans to leverage the partnership with Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary to expand Respeecher’s access to patient testing data through voice banking and gauge ways to grow this technology’s accessibility and intelligibility through comprehensive patient interviews.

Conclusion: Amplifying Voices and Impact

Through this journey, Michael aims to raise awareness about the silent struggles of laryngeal patients and to garner support for affordable, cutting-edge medical technology solutions. His journey exemplifies resilience, innovation, and international collaboration,  highlighting the positive impact of voice cloning technology. Michael's work underlines the potential of generative AI and voice AI to offer hope and empowerment, reaffirming Respeecher's mission to create AI voice changers that truly make a difference for individuals facing health challenges.

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