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How to Convert Text to Speech with Respeecher Voice Marketplace

Apr 5, 2024 12:17:01 PM

Respeecher Voice Marketplace is a cutting-edge AI voice generator that can revolutionize your creative projects. Our platform offers unparalleled voicemaker options for impeccable voiceovers, captivating ads, or vocals for songs and media projects. 

About the Voice Marketplace

A kaleidoscope of voices spans diverse styles, genders, ages, and accents, allowing you to tailor synthetic voices to perfection and infuse your projects with vibrancy and diversity. Text-to-speech and speech-to-speech technologies are available to our users.

Experience effortless voice generation with over 100 voices to choose from. Select your preferred voice, customize it to your liking, and download the recording easily. Our voices' authenticity is so striking that it's bound to give you goosebumps.

Key Features of Respeecher Voice Marketplace

  • Accelerate your project timelines with AI-generated voices, getting your content to market faster.
  • Embrace multilingual content, breaking down language barriers and making your work universally accessible and enjoyable.
  • Develop engaging and cost-effective e-learning materials, enhancing student engagement and boosting course completion rates without straining your budget.
  • Produce marketing content, videos, and promotional materials efficiently using AI-driven voices. This will save valuable time and resources while maintaining top-notch quality.
  • Optimize your customer support operations by implementing professional IVR voiceovers, leading to happier customers and smoother support processes.
  • More than just mimicking sounds, the Respeecher Voice Marketplace captures the essence of voices through cutting-edge AI technology, ensuring unparalleled realism and impact.

Converting Text to Speech

Here's how you can turn any text into a natural human voice in just a few clicks with Respeecher Voice Marketplace.

    1. Go to marketplace.respeecher.com and log in
    2. Click New project
    3. Make sure that the Text tab is selected
    4. Type in the text you want to convert
      For best results,
      - use texts in English
      - use shorter sentences
      - avoid abbreviations
      - use punctuation
    5. Click Choose Voices 
    6. Scroll through the list of available voices. 
      Click Play to see if the voice works for you.
    7. Where available, choose between Casual and Neutral narration styles. 
      Click Save to keep the settings.
    8. Once you choose the voice, click Convert. Right after this, click Go to Result.
    9. Wait for the conversion to complete - this shouldn’t take more than a minute - and click Play icon to listen to it.
    10. If you aren’t satisfied with the result yet - or just want to try other voices - click Add Voice and complete steps 6-9 again
    11. Once you are happy with the result, click the Download icon to save the recording.

Go to Voice Marketplace

For more creative control, more voices, and even better results, try our Speech-to-Speech conversion.

Image of Vova Ovsiienko
Vova Ovsiienko

Business Development Executive

With a rich background in strategic partnerships and technology-driven solutions, Vova handles business development initiatives at Respeecher. His expertise in identifying and cultivating key relationships has been instrumental in expanding Respeecher's global reach in voice AI technology.

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