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Voice Marketplace AI Voices Are Now Available on Stellar

Apr 8, 2024 6:25:33 AM

Respeecher integrates with Yella Umbrella to provide a seamless speech-to-speech AI voice conversion experience to Stellar users.

Conversion into 100+ high-quality AI-powered adults’ and kids’ voices from Respeecher’s Voice Marketplace is now available in the interface of Stellar, media content dubbing and localization software products by Yella Umbrella.

Yella Umbrella is a leading provider of software tools for professional subtitling, audio description, voiceover and dubbing users. Yella Umbrella products offer everything you need to localize media content in multiple languages via subtitling, voiceover, or lip sync dubbing - as well as access services via subtitles, captions, audio description, or spoken subtitles.

Yella Umbrella integrates the latest AI services from the leading suppliers so their users can use the latest speech-to-text, machine translation, voice morphing, and synthetic voices in their own workflows. These AI tools can speed up production and reduce costs while keeping you in control.

Targeted at professional service providers, their Nebula and Stellar tools support all languages and writing systems and provide industry-standard levels of media security and traceability.

At this year’s NAB show (April 13-17, 2024, Las Vegas, NV), you can visit Yella Umbrella’s booth (West Hall, W3921V) to check out their new voice morphing and text-to-speech features.

Image of Alex Serdiuk
Alex Serdiuk

CEO and Co-founder

Alex founded Respeecher with Dmytro Bielievtsov and Grant Reaber in 2018. Since then the team has been focused on high-fidelity voice cloning. Alex is in charge of Business Development and Strategy. Respeecher technology is already applied in Feature films and TV projects, Video Games, Animation studios, Localization, media agencies, Healthcare, and other areas.

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