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How to Record a Good Source Audio for Speech-to-Speech Voice Synthesis

Apr 10, 2024 10:13:44 AM

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What is Respeecher

Whether you're a content creator, musician, filmmaker, or game developer, Respeecher empowers you to scale your voice effortlessly. With speech-to-speech (STS) voice synthesis technology, convert your speech into flawless voiceovers, dubbing, ads, or vocals for songs.

Utilize Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities to transform text into lifelike AI voices, providing complete creative control and ease of use. Dive into a kaleidoscope of voices and blend styles, genders, ages, and accents to paint your wildest audio dreams. Embrace new opportunities with our voice changer and voice generator, unlock your artistic potential, and join us in revolutionizing the world of synthetic media.

Dos and Don'ts in Recording a Good Source Audio

While AI voice synthesis technology is working real miracles, a huge part of conversion success depends on how good your source audio is. Here’s what you should - and shouldn’t - do in order to make a great source audio recording.


  • Record in good conditions

    The best option would be a studio, but, at the very least, make sure that you are using a good microphone and there is no background noise of any sorts

  • Upload clear, raw recording
  • Record 2-3 takes of each line you need to convert - you may need a backup
  • Record in good quality -  48kHz, 16-bit PCM, or better
  • Speak with the rhythm, intonation, and pace you want the converted voice to have.

    You can laugh, whisper, or even sing - your manner of speech will be transferred perfectly.


  • Apply any filters, music, or effects to the source recording
  • Use takes with reverberation, echo, or speech overlapping
  • Speak too close to the microphone - the perfect distance is 10-15 cm

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Image of Dmytro Bielievtsov
Dmytro Bielievtsov

CTO and Co-founder

Dmytro is a co-founder and CTO at Respeecher. He is in charge of tech and strategy. The primary focus of Respeecher is building high-fidelity voice cloning AI and promoting its adoption in multiple business verticals, as well as democratizing it for individual sound professionals and creators all over the world. Respeecher's refined synthetic speech has already showed up in major Feature films, TV projects, Video Games. It's being used by Animation studios, Localization and media agencies, in Healthcare, and other areas.

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