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How to Create a Speech-to-Speech Conversion with an Accent

Voice conversion technology has revolutionized the way we think about speech in digital interactions, offering unprecedented control over how we sound. Tools like Voice Marketplace help you explore the intricate world of speech synthesis in just a few clicks. 

With Marketplace, you can change your speech to speech with different accents using AI. Essentially, you can use it as an American or British accent generator - all you need is a recording of your speech and some creativity.

What is Speech Synthesis?

AI voice synthesis is a cutting-edge technology that transforms the way we create and manipulate speech using artificial intelligence. By employing advanced algorithms, this technology can generate realistic human voices  - including the voices with specific accents, such as British, American, Indian, or Canadian.

AI voice generator allows creators to tailor voice outputs to suit various needs—whether it's for enhancing digital assistants, developing unique character voices in video games, or producing dynamic film narratives.

This flexibility makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to incorporate distinctive voice accents into their projects.

What are Applications of Accent Generators?

Accent generators, powered by AI voice synthesis technology, are revolutionizing the way audio content is created across various industries. 

  • For filmmakers, these tools enable the production of diverse linguistic tones without the need for extensive casting, thus allowing for more authentic representation and storytelling. Also, filmmakers in search of background voices can use Korean, Indian, American, or British voice generator to create voices appropriate for the movie.
  • Game developers benefit from accent generators by crafting more immersive worlds where characters exhibit realistic and varied accents, enhancing the gaming experience. 
  • Dubbers and localizers use AI voice generator tools to seamlessly adapt content for different regional markets, maintaining the emotional tone and cultural relevance of the original speech. 
  • Digital creators leverage accent generators to produce unique and engaging content, attracting a broader audience by diversifying the accents and voices featured in their work. Together, these applications underscore the transformative impact of AI voice technologies in creating dynamic and inclusive media landscapes."

How to Convert Speech to Speech with Accent on Voice Marketplace?

Respeecher Voice Marketplace can help you convert your speech into British, American, and 10 more accents of English. Depending on the target voice you choose on the Voices page, you can choose between your original accent, balanced accent and the accent of the target voice.

Here’s how you can add an accent of English to a voice during speech-to-speech conversion:

  1. Go to and log in

  2. Click Speech Synthesis

  3. On the page that opens, pick Speech To Speech

  • If you'd like to record the speech, click Start Recording

  • If you have a recording you'd like to upload, click Upload File

We support .ogg, .mp3, .wav, and .flac files.

Check out our tips on how to record good source audio here.

  1. Once the speech is recorded or uploaded, click Continue to choose a target voice.

  2. Scroll through the list of available voices. 

  3. In the top right corner, locate the Nationality filter. Click on the dropdown menu and check the box for the English accent you’d like to apply to your recording.

    To clear the filters, click on x icon next to the Nationality filter or click on the dropdown again and uncheck the box.

  4. Click Play to see if the voice works for you.

  5. To explore the accent options,  click on the Settings icon.
    Depending on the voice, under Accent you may be able to pick:

    - Yours: this option doesn’t change your accent

    - Balanced: this option balances your accent and the target voice accent

    - [Speaker name]’s: this option adds a heavier accent to the output voice

    Be sure to click Play button on the top of the voice Settings window to preview the accent change.

    Once you are happy with the accent type, click Save to keep the settings.

  6. Click the + icon under the voice of your choice. Right after this, click theicon or Go to Results button.

  7. Wait for the conversion to complete - this shouldn't take more than a minute - and click Play icon to listen to it.

  8. If you aren't satisfied with the result yet, you can click on Regenerate icon.

  9. To try other voices, click Add Voice and complete steps 5-9 again

  10. Once you are happy with the result, click the Download icon to save the recording.

It’s really easy - go to Voice Marketplace and try it right now. 

Build with AI voices

Your voice conversion needs might go beyond the functionality of an AI voice generator. For instance, you may want to include AI-powered voices in your product or add a voice conversion function to an app you are building. If so, you should learn more about our API integrations.

As your reliable AI voice partner, Respeecher will be happy to find a way to enhance your web app, mobile app, or any other piece of software with Hollywood-quality, authentic, and diverse AI-powered human voices.

Dmytro Bielievtsov
Dmytro Bielievtsov
CTO and Co-founder
Dmytro is a co-founder and CTO at Respeecher. He is in charge of tech and strategy. The primary focus of Respeecher is building high-fidelity voice cloning AI and promoting its adoption in multiple business verticals, as well as democratizing it for individual sound professionals and creators all over the world. Respeecher's refined synthetic speech has already showed up in major Feature films, TV projects, Video Games. It's being used by Animation studios, Localization and media agencies, in Healthcare, and other areas.
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