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Respeecher Champions Ethical Synthetic Media with PAI's Responsible Practices Framework

Apr 10, 2023 8:56:07 AM

At Respeecher, we strive to revolutionize voice cloning for content creators everywhere. Our mission is to make synthetic voice generation accessible and harness the power of speech synthesis, all while recognizing the critical ethical concerns arising from generative AI technology.

We are thrilled to collaborate with the Partnership on AI (PAI) as a founding partner, championing the Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media, a groundbreaking industry framework that promotes the ethical and conscientious development, production, and dissemination of ethical synthetic media, addressing concerns such as deepfake generation. Our commitment extends to embracing and integrating AI ethics into our practices, ensuring that ethical considerations guide our advancements in synthetic media technology.

A Glimpse into PAI's Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media Framework

Developed by the Partnership on AI, the Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media (RPSM) is a comprehensive set of guidelines that outline an ethical approach to the creation, production, and distribution of synthetic media—audiovisual content often generated or manipulated by AI, including AI-generated content or deepfake content, encompassing aspects of speech synthesis.

The framework focuses on three primary stakeholder groups:

  1. Synthetic media technology and infrastructure developers
  2. Synthetic media creators
  3. Synthetic media distributors and publishers

The RPSM Framework emphasizes accountability, transparency, and public awareness. Its core objectives include:

  • Encouraging ethical development and deployment through transparency, security, and privacy advocacy, promoting the integration of AI ethics in technological advancements.
  • Mitigating potential risks such as misinformation, manipulation, and privacy breaches
  • Supporting creators in responsible production and sharing, which entails obtaining proper consent and avoiding deception, incorporating core principles of AI ethics in content creation
  • Promoting responsible distribution and publishing by actively identifying, labeling, and managing synthetic media on platforms and by publishers

Organizations like Respeecher can adopt PAI's RPSM Framework to cultivate an ethical and responsible environment for synthetic media, maximizing its positive potential while minimizing adverse societal impacts through the conscientious integration of speech synthesis and gen AI technologies.

Respeecher's Active Involvement in Shaping Ethical Standards for Synthetic Media

Respeecher played an important role in shaping the RPSM guidelines for synthetic media by actively participating in the development process, engaging in workshops, and collaborating on the document itself. As a pilot partner, Respeecher intends to incorporate these guidelines into its Voice Marketplace to encourage the ethical and responsible use of synthetic media, emphasizing the significance of ethics in AI.

"Ethical considerations are of paramount importance in the development and application of synthetic media," stated Alex Serdiuk, CEO of Respeecher. "Our involvement in crafting these guidelines demonstrates our unwavering commitment to fostering an ethical and trustworthy ecosystem for synthetic media."

Anna Bulakh, Head of Ethics and Partnerships at Respeecher, spearheaded the initiative, recognizing the potential harm that could ensue if synthetic media is used irresponsibly. Bulakh's leadership at Respeecher emphasizes a commitment to robust ethics in AI practices, aligning the development and application of synthetic media. Respeecher leads in promoting gen AI technologies, shaping the responsible future of synthetic media, including deepfake generation.


Celebrating the Initiative's Media Attention and Public Engagement

The launch of the RPSM initiative has garnered significant coverage from multiple well-respected publications. Notable mentions include MIT Technology Review, KQED Forum, POLITICO's Digital Futures Daily newsletter, and Fortune's Eye on AI newsletter, among others. This widespread attention has propelled the initiative into the spotlight, sparking widespread conversation and interest.

In response to the announcement, PAI's social media channels have experienced remarkable engagement, driving visitors to the website, increasing downloads of the document, and piquing public interest.

Since its launch, the microsite has amassed around 10,000 page views, resulting in over 300 downloads of the Framework and 70+ submissions of interest. Esteemed organizations such as Hearst, Pinterest, Uber, and Interpublic Group have expressed their enthusiasm for the initiative.

Respeecher's Robust Ethical Guidelines and Future Plans

Respeecher has always been committed to maintaining strong ethical guidelines in the rapidly evolving world of synthetic media. Our dedication to ethical development is reflected in our involvement with the RPSM initiative, and we intend to continue championing these values in our future endeavors.

As we look ahead, Respeecher plans to expand its ethical framework by incorporating new insights gained from collaborating with PAI and other industry stakeholders.

We will continue refining our processes and technologies to ensure the responsible and ethical use of synthetic media, while fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

Our long-term vision is to contribute to the ongoing development of industry-wide ethical standards and collaborate with other organizations to promote the responsible use of synthetic media. By staying true to our ethical commitments, we aim to drive innovation in voice cloning and synthetic media, ultimately empowering creators and benefiting society as a whole.

In conclusion, Respeecher's collaboration with PAI and active involvement in shaping the Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media showcases our dedication to ethical standards in generative AI and synthetic media. We believe that through continuous innovation and adherence to these guidelines, we can unleash the potential of voice cloning while ensuring its responsible and positive impact on society, avoiding the pitfalls associated with deepfake generation.

Image of Anna Bulakh
Anna Bulakh

Head of Ethics and Partnerships

Blending a decade of expertise in international security with a passion for the ethical deployment of AI, I stand at the forefront of shaping how emerging technologies intersect with national resilience and security strategies. As the Head of Ethics and Partnerships at Respeecher, I focus on guiding ethical AI development. My role is centered around promoting the responsible use of AI, especially in synthetic media.

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