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Voice Cloning for Scaling Your Online Fitness Business

Oct 4, 2022 12:00:00 AM

During the pandemic, the number of fitness app downloads skyrocketed. As it passed, many more people were using online fitness apps to track their calorie intake, number of steps, and quality of sleep. With gyms closed, people looked for other ways to keep healthy and improve their physical condition. And they got used to having personalized training sessions in the comfort of their own homes. 

Fitness apps gained popularity because people got personalized workouts at home, saving time and money on commuting. According to Sensor Tower, the number of Health and Fitness app downloads reached 290 million in 2021 in Europe alone. And the industry of online fitness isn’t likely to yield ground. The mental and fitness market is still growing at a blistering pace. More and more fitness apps are added to the app stores and users are becoming pickier since their choice of fitness apps is nearly limitless.

Today, we’re going to dwell on how voice cloning software and generative AI can level up the online fitness experience for sports enthusiasts and help you gain and retain more users.

Online fitness and the global pandemic 

The quarantine acted as a booster to the online fitness app industry. In 2020, just 71k fitness apps were launched. But with the global pandemic, so many normal activities were limited to a single room. Our homes became our offices, our coffee shops, our gyms, and even restaurants. 

Despite the lifted restrictions, people got used to their stay-at-home lifestyle. Although brick-and-mortar gyms are now open, tons of clients choose to continue online training sessions remotely. Opting for remote workouts helps reduce commutes and allows people to train whenever possible. 

Before the quarantine isolations, gyms and fitness centers weren’t active users of social media, and they weren’t looking for ways to take their in-person business online. COVID-19 not only exposed existing problems, but it gave way to digital transformation across the tech sector. 

Here are some of the coolest fitness apps that are reshaping the fitness industry:

  • Sweat: Fitness App for Women. It’s an app for personalized fitness workouts led by the app’s co-founder and trainer, Kayla Itsines. There are a variety of workouts that you can do anytime and anywhere. 

  • Daily Burn. This app is great for anyone who doesn’t like routine workouts. There are tons of full-body group workouts, kickboxing, muscle and strength building, yoga, etc. The app can spice up your daily workout routine. 

  • Obe Fitness. The app features shorter workouts, with some of them only taking up to 5 minutes, allowing users to find time for workouts and making them an indispensable part of their life. Apart from short workouts, Obe Fitness offers 22 live classes and over 5k workouts. 

  • Glo. It’s designed for yoga lovers. The app features all the styles of yoga, two pilates styles, and 500+ meditation courses. There are classes for both beginners and advanced yogis. 

With the pandemic, online fitness apps began seeing millions of new users and subscribers. But most fitness apps weren’t ready for this level of growth. Generating new content is a real challenge, especially when you are expected to add different workouts on a daily basis. So let’s find out how voice cloning can simplify content creation for online fitness apps. 

How to scale up your online fitness app with voice cloning

Video, voice, and sound form a powerful triad for a fitness application. They help host online workouts, unite users, and drive motivation. A vast majority of fitness app product owners report a lack of opportunity to create high-quality audio content. 

Users become pickier and more demanding. For most users, simple sets of exercises with robotic audio aren’t enough. Humans need other humans, especially when dozens of people work remotely and don’t have enough human interaction.

No one is motivated by lifeless robotic sounds, especially when working out is really hard. Taking this fact into account, more apps switch to personal training sessions. But what if we can help you make a big difference through the use of AI voice cloning software that can help you with:

  • Converting voices into the ones you want and need
  • Adding multi-language personal trainers
  • Producing naturally sounding voices to motivate your users 

Synthesized speech powered by generative AI can mimic the tone and voice of any coach and help motivate your users. With AI voices, you can create the feel of face-to-face workouts with a personal trainer. Save your time and money with Respeecher and leave all your competitors far behind by offering a new and personalized fitness experience. 

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Rustem Vilenkin

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Rustem's focus is on forging new business relationships and developing strategies that enhance market presence. His expertise in business development is complemented by his keen understanding of the voice AI sector, enabling him to effectively align Respeecher's innovative solutions with client needs and industry trends.

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