Respeecher's innovative technology is making a difference in the lives of blind actors, enabling them to create audio content with ease.


The Client

Germano Carella, a blind actor, speaker, and voice actor, founded DramaBooks in 2015 to create scripted audiobooks, voice comics, and games for the blind. However, due to a lack of funding and volunteer voice actors, completing projects on time and within budget limitations was a constant challenge. That was until he discovered Respeecher's Voice Marketplace.


The Solution

"With the Respeecher project, one actor can portray as many characters as he or she wants and then convert his or her voice with one provided by the Respeecher project," Carella said. "The result is truly amazing!"

Respeecher's Voice Marketplace offers a cutting-edge voice cloning service that converts an individual's voice into someone else's with just a few clicks. Typically, Respeecher's technology accomplishes this using speech-to-speech conversion, which enables actors to convey emotions and bring characters to life in a natural manner. However, Respeecher's Voice Marketplace also supports text-to-speech voice generation, which is especially useful in projects like Carella's, where the voice actor cannot read a printed script.

The Voice Marketplace enables voice artists to utilize a range of male and female voices, delivering a fresh approach to voice acting in the audiobook genre.

"The result is a natural voice, a human voice, that conveys emotions," Carella explained.


The Results

Impressed by the quality of Respeecher’s synthesized voices, Carella created an opera using voices from the Voice Marketplace. The poem, "A Livella" by Totò, a famous Neapolitan actor, was recited in the regionally-specific Neapolitan dialect.

See the results for yourself here: 


"Respeecher's conversion is spot on!" Carella said.

Thanks to Respeecher's Voice Marketplace, Carella no longer has to seek public funding for his projects. "Now I can focus on the projects that need to be done because I have the voices to complete them," he said.

As a non-profit organization, DramaBooks accepts donations as support for their work. Those interested in furthering their mission can become active members by signing up for an annual membership or donating directly through PayPal or IBAN: IT29E0200838980000105560984.

Respeecher's Voice Marketplace enables blind voice actors to bring their stories to life and share them with the world. With innovative technology and a commitment to accessibility, Respeecher is making a difference in the lives of people like Germano Carella and many others.


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