Musical expression is evolving in lockstep with new and innovative technologies. Artists can now use voice synthesis to morph into a virtual singer, akin to Hatsune Miku, but on a much larger level. This is the reality and direction of the latest evolution in audio engineering tech. 

Respeecher has been hard at work, teaming up with Transgender artists to put their newest release through its paces. By embedding generative AI into its latest voice synthesis update, transgender artists now have an entirely new medium to express their personal journeys.


Transforming Expression Through Voice Synthesis

Cassie Riot in the musical world, is an AI project created by a Polish amateur musician with a keen interest in generative AI technology. Having a baritone voice with a low range, Cassie set out with the intention of using the technology to change their voice in a way that better expresses who they are. Cassie uses AI to combine their new voice with music that delivers a more authentic version of their creative vision that is true to their gender identity.

However, Cassie faced a series of challenges in their mission to convert their male singing voice into a female one. On top of that, they also needed to generate a visual representation or digital avatar that corresponds with their new voice. For transgender individuals, finding a voice and image that genuinely represents their identity is vital. Despite having experimented with Auto-Tune and other voice plugins and pedals like the TC Helicon VoiceTone C1, the software-assisted voice feminization results Cassie was getting were from ideal. The voices often sounded robotic or lacked the natural emotion of the performer.

Here is an example of singing voice feminization:


The Solution

Upon discovering Respeecher, Cassie found the tool they needed. Its pioneering technology allowed for a seamless male-to-female singing voice conversion, complete with pitch control and a wide selection of voices. The voice-to-voice feature enabled Cassie to accurately transform their singing voice while preserving its unique qualities, allowing for an authentic representation of their gender identity.

In addition to this, Cassie crafted a female digital avatar that visually complemented their new voice. The final result was an overall enhancement to the entire visual experience, "Respeecher offers a wide variety of voices, allowing me to find the perfect one that matches the personality I was looking for. Furthermore, I could adjust the parameters to match my voice’s pitch and timbre, making it ideal for both speaking and singing scenarios. Surprisingly, it also works well with Polish, a language known for its unpronounceable and difficult sound combinations!"


The Conversion Process

To use Respeecher effectively, Cassie went through their own step-by-step process:

  1. Record the original person’s singing voice in different keys, to give Respeecher more material to work with.
  2. Import the recorded audio into Respeecher.
  3. Choose the desired female voice from Respeecher's Voice Marketplace.
  4. Tweak the pitch, timbre, and other settings to achieve the perfect female voice that aligns with their gender identity.
  5. Finally, apply natural-sounding pitch correction to their Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of choice to fine-tune the final output.

Cassie noted, "Respeecher helped me identify which parts of my voice are genuine, reflecting how I speak, sing, and who I am, and which parts are simply anatomical inconveniences that the software and training are able to correct with ease. I am now much more aware of the various characteristics of my voice, and musically, it was an incredible experience."

This song deliberately uses a lower pitch (-5 semitones) to make the voice sound more aggressive and punk.


Impact on the Transgender Community and Beyond

The entire project had a deeply personal impact on Cassie, enabling them to explore their identity and creativity as a transgender artist. Using Respeecher, they overcame considerable challenges, fostering self-acceptance and empowerment.

Respeecher's advanced voice synthesis technology and digital avatars offer a unique avenue for transgender individuals to express their identities. Users can customize a visual and auditory representation of their identity using a secure platform to express their true selves without fear of judgment.

Respeecher's innovative features allowed Cassie to achieve their goal of creating a virtual singer that genuinely represented their gender identity. Their success showcases how AI empowers artists, removes creative barriers, and fosters inclusivity for transgender individuals.

Respeecher and similar technologies offer a range of resources for transgender and non-binary individuals, assisting them in their journeys of self-discovery. By revolutionizing creative expression, voice synthesis technology has the potential to create a future where everyone can express their identity and creativity freely.

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