by Orysia Khimiak – May 26, 2023 8:59:47 AM • 8 min

Respeecher Brings Keynote Case Study to MESA Localisation Summit


We are thrilled that Respeecher was a part of the Innovation and Transformation Summit (ITS): Localisation event organized by the Middle East Studies Association (MESA). The conference brought together experts in localisation, language technology, and cultural adaptation to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the field.

Anna Bulakh, the Head of Ethics and Partnerships at Respeecher, was one of the speakers at the event. In her case study — “Advancements in Voice Technology”, she highlighted the potential of voice cloning technology to enhance the quality and efficiency of localisation processes, as well as its ethical implications.

One of the key points that Anna made was that voice cloning technology has the potential to revolutionize the localisation industry. Respeecher's technology allows for the creation of synthetic voices that are indistinguishable from human voices, using only a small amount of speech data as input. This enables businesses and organizations to localise their content into multiple languages and dialects quickly and in a cost-effective manner, without the need for extensive voiceover recordings.

Bulakh also emphasized the importance of ethical considerations in the development and use of voice cloning technology. She discussed Respeecher's commitment to ensuring that our technology is used responsibly and with respect for the rights and privacy of individuals.

Respeecher is committed to ethical practices and always obtains proper consent before using a person's voice for cloning purposes. Additionally, the company's technology is designed to prevent the creation of harmful deepfakes, which can be used to deceive people or spread misinformation.

Overall, we believe that voice cloning technology has the potential to transform the localisation industry and make it more accessible for companies and organizations of all sizes. However, it is crucial that this technology is used ethically and responsibly to ensure that it benefits everyone involved.

We are grateful that MESA organized such an informative and thought-provoking event, and we look forward to continuing the conversation about voice cloning and localisation in the future.

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Orysia Khimiak
Orysia Khimiak
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