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“We Stand With You!” Anne Ganguzza Calls to Support Ukraine

Jun 28, 2022 5:32:13 AM

Since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, many celebrities, cultural icons, and notable persons in the art community haven’t hesitated to show their support for Ukraine. Armed with their primary weapons — words and an audience — they began to spread information about the war, support the Ukrainian people, and condemn the aggressor.

Not only are Ukrainian land and people targets for Russian aggression, but the Ukrainian culture and language, as crucial components of any nation’s identity, are also under attack.

Respeecher encourages opinion leaders and celebrities to support Ukraine and its culture in the language of the Ukrainian people with the help of our AI voice generation technology. 

Maye Musk and Abby Savage have already joined our campaign and “spoke Ukrainian” in support of Ukrainians in their fight for freedom and democracy. 

And recently, a full-time voice talent, coach, and award-winning demo producer, Anne Ganguzza, also came on board Respeecher’s initiative.

Anne Ganguzza has been actively working with the Respeecher team for the past year. 

“I’ve been so inspired by this team and their innovative technology”, says Ganguzza, “I can see how it effectively helps humanity’s ability to communicate with one another.”

In her video message, the producer expresses support for Ukraine and its people, praising their courage and bravery. 

“We stand with you!”, says Ganguzza in Ukrainian while encouraging others to join her in supporting the people of Ukraine by visiting supportUkrainenow.org. 

How does the technology work?

With the recent advancements of our voice cloning technology that millions have already seen in Hollywood films, we are ready to give English speakers the ability to speak perfect Ukrainian. 

  1. A celebrity decides to support the initiative and approves the concept. 
  2. We train our AI model to convert their voice into Ukrainian. 
  3. We show the first samples and send them for approval.
  4. A celebrity creates a video with a message that includes their words of support for the Ukrainian people in English. 
  5. We translate and create a voiceover for the message. 
  6. We make a video with the celebrity’s voice in Ukrainian with the added English subtitles. We then deliver it for approval.

After that, the celebrity posts the video on their social media channels and encourages their audience to speak out about this war, prompting them to donate to Ukraine. 

Check out this English/French demo that was created by our team in a bomb shelter: 

Please contact us at WithUkraine@respeecher.com if you want to join the initiative.


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Rustem Vilenkin

Business Development Executive

Rustem's focus is on forging new business relationships and developing strategies that enhance market presence. His expertise in business development is complemented by his keen understanding of the voice AI sector, enabling him to effectively align Respeecher's innovative solutions with client needs and industry trends.

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