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Respeecher's Commitment to Ethical Voice Cloning: Key Initiatives

Jun 13, 2023 9:49:20 AM

Ethical voice cloning goes beyond getting written consent from voice owners and working exclusively with trusted clients. And while Respeecher does follow these and other guidelines, they are just that — guidelines based on an honor system.

One of our highest-priority initiatives has been educating the public on how synthetic speech works while developing algorithms to mitigate unethical use. Read on to learn about the key ethical initiatives we’re spearheading to make ethical voice cloning an industry standard.


Partnership on AI

Respeecher is collaborating with Partnership on AI to promote Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media, which advocates for ethical and conscientious development, production, and dissemination of synthetic media. Respeecher has played an active role in shaping the guidelines for the RPSM and intends to incorporate them into its Voice Marketplace. Expanding Respeecher’s ethical framework is an ongoing initiative, as we’re constantly incorporating new insights gained from our collaboration with PAI and other industry stakeholders. 

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Content Authenticity Initiative

Respeecher recently announced its partnership with the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative, which aims to promote an open industry standard for ensuring content authenticity and originality in the media, digital content, and technology industries. As a member of this community, Respeecher's role is to verify the origin of digital content for the motion picture and video game industries. Respeecher plans to label content with metadata while developing an approach that utilizes audio watermarks to address the issue of overwritten metadata while adhering to ironclad regulations and a strict code of ethics.

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Digital Entertainment Group

Respeecher has partnered with DEG to lead the Committee on Synthetic Media. We aim to establish a Code of Conduct for companies using AI-generated content and voice cloning technology. DEG's current objectives include connecting industry players, providing resources for emerging trends, supporting marketing initiatives, and improving efficiency in the digital supply chain.


Open Voice Network

Respeecher has joined forces with the OVON, a community that promotes developing and adopting industry standards and usage guidelines for voice technology to earn users' trust. Respeecher contributes to the OVON by participating in weekly meetings with its Privacy and Security Committee, which delivers presentations on EU regulations.


Synthetic Futures

Synthetic Futures is a community that celebrates synthetic media's creative potential and tackles problems relating to malicious use and unexpected consequences. They hold quarterly events and use content to educate society while focusing on topics such as generative art, synthetic data, and the future of work. Respeecher has partnered with Synthetic Futures to participate in their events and campaigns, raising awareness about voice cloning and its ethical use.

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